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Meet Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence

As a Certified Mohel, I am committed to being open, to listening and to being present to your vision for this wonderful and ancient welcoming ceremony.


I believe in a family centered celebration that marks the miracle of life, the centrality of belonging and the power of tradition.

Through soulful song and embrace, I will guide your family in welcoming your son into the Jewish people.

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Netanel P. | Manhattan, NY

"My wife and I were looking for a mohel who would be professional and safety conscious and could also imbue the bris with an atmosphere of spirituality and community. We couldn’t have found a more perfect mohel than Rabbi Lawrence."


Brian D. | Brooklyn, NY

"Rabbi Eliezer is great in every way. The whole family thinks so. Our little boy has healed up so very nicely (and quickly!) and the Rabbi is even still keeping tabs on us to make sure everything is fine and healthy."


Fran S. |  Brooklyn, NY

"He made us feel comfortable and well informed before, during, and after. He was gentle and showed true skill! ...Rabbi Lawrence was always available to answer any of my questions and with his experience and naturally calm demeanor, my worries went away."

Rabbi Lawrence in the Press

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Proudly serving the entirety of the Jewish people


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