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Rabbi Lawrence is a 5-Star rated Mohel.

Check out what Parents are saying!

-Chelsea G. Upper West Side NY

Mohel in NYC

Rabbi Lawrence is a fantastic mohel, and we could not have been more pleased with our son's bris. He was available in advance of the birth to walk us through what to expect and answer our questions, and he conducted a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that was accessible to all in attendance, musical, and felt like it was created just for us. He provided detailed aftercare instructions and was available for any questions we had. We knew our son was in safe, caring, and skilled hands with Rabbi Lawrence (and so were we!).

-Jason S. Westchester NY

Jason Starr.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence came highly recommended by our friends and he certainly exceeded our high expectations. He was warm, gentle, and highly professional, taking plenty of time to explain the procedure and aftercare. He performed a beautiful ceremony for our son’s brit milah that my family and I will remember forever. We are extremely happy we chose Rabbi Lawrence to be our “Family Mohel.”

-Rachel S. Upper West Side NY

Rachel Seitz.jpg

We had the loveliest experience with Rabbi Eliezer for our son's bris! He was patient and explained each part of the ceremony, both religiously and logistically, and when I (the irrational, hormone-filled parent) had some caveats about something, Rabbi Eliezer took several phone calls to help work through the issue and make sure we were comfortable with everything. From pre-care to aftercare, he made sure both us and the baby were comfortable and prepared.

The actual bris went off without a hitch and was an absolutely lovely event, he was a wonderful and professional officiant. The actual procedure was so fast, gentle, and done with care. The handiwork is excellent.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to hold a pidyon haben for our son and Rabbi Eliezer kindly took the time before a busy Rosh Hashanah to answer questions we had about that ceremony even though he wouldn't be officiating.

If we end up having another son, we will certainly call on Rabbi Eliezer, and recommend you doing so too!

-Morgan D. Upper East Side NY

Morgan Deutch.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence did incredible job for my sons Bris- Very warm and engaging. Can't wait to tell as many people that will listen how fantastic he is. Highly recommend!

-Jessica J. Upper West Side NY

Jessica Jabonik.jpg

Huge thanks to Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence for his care and attention, from our first phone call months ago through to his incredibly skillful facilitation of the ceremony—not just the milah itself, but every aspect. In fact, several of our friends came up to us after the ceremony and complimented him specifically. Brit milah was nerve-wracking for these new parents, but we felt safe and confident with our son in your hands. We wholeheartedly recommend Rabbi Lawrence to any parents who are looking for a mohel!

Emily K, Livingston NJ

Mohel in New Jersey

"We highly recommend Rabbi Lawrence for anyone looking for a compassionate, competant and kind mohel! The Rabbi spoke to me at length making me feel very comfortable before my son was born and even changed his plans when my son arrived a month early. We are very grateful for the experience we had!"

-Eitan E. Monsey NY


Searching for a mohel can add to a couple’s already stressful, new beginning when leaving the hospital. From our first call Rabbi Lawrence truly assuaged any anxiety we had, giving us confidence in the next steps of our child’s life, which was, frankly, an invaluable feeling no one else could provide at such vulnerable stage. From the beginning Rabbi Lawrence was courteous, clear-cut, and very respectful of traditions. Moreover, when unsure of certain traditional aspects of the bris, Rabbi Lawrence was able give background on his various experiences, respectfully allowing us to choose which would be most comfortable to us.
Even with another bris the same day, in a location far away, Rabbi Lawrence was able to make the time for us.
The idea of a mohel conjures up images of an older world style. Rabbi Lawrence gives you those traditions with a modern touch. Whether through call or text, his communication before as well as after the bris was not something you find with other mohels. We really felt comfortable texting him at any point with any concerns we had, whether pictures or general questions.
Similarly his after-care instructions (You and your child will be so appreciative of them!) were not something we found with other mohels, whose responsibility usually ends with the bris. He was patient and took the time to make sure we understood them.
For many, being a mohel is a secondary profession, however, Rabbi Lawrence specializes in this daily (not to mention his long list of reputable training).
And though we never thought we would share such strong feelings toward any mohel, should the opportunity arise again B”H there is no question at all he is the one we will be calling, and we encourage you to do the same.
We are forever grateful to him.

-Randi H. Northvale NJ

Mathew Horning.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence performed my son’s bris, and we could not have been happier with him. He conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, walked us through everything that was going to happen, and thoroughly explained the aftercare procedures. During the ceremony he was super personable and made the ceremony easy to understand for all who attended regardless of religious affiliation. He was so warm and inviting, and it was exactly what we needed for the day. I would absolutely recommend Rabbi Lawrence to any one of my family or friends, and I would definitely use him again in the future.

-Jessica B. Brooklyn NY

Jesicca B 5.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was the perfect mohel for our special bris. Prior to the bris, he was available at any time to discuss what to expect and cater the ceremony to our needs. He was also very respectful of covid and religious preferences. During the bris, he arrived early to help us prepare, talked us through what to expect, and performed a beautiful, poetic ceremony full of song and celebration. His procedure was done very quickly, and the results have been excellent. He provided detailed aftercare instructions and was available on multiple occasions to check in and view pictures to ensure everything was healing well. He also followed up at the two month mark with helpful instructions as our baby grows. I couldn’t be happier with our choice as Rabbi Lawrence for our mohel. If you’re looking for a gentle soul, a communicative expert in the craft, and a spiritual leader in the ceremony, he is your guy!

Netanel P, New York, NY

Netanel Bris Milah.jpg

My wife and I were looking for a mohel who would be professional and safety-conscious and could also imbue the bris with an atmosphere of spirituality and community. We couldn’t have found a more perfect mohel than Rabbi Lawrence. Not only did he meet all of our needs and expectations, but he also showed remarkable poise under the pressure of an unexpected time delay, adding beautiful singing and helpful explanations for our guests while we waited. He provided exceptional care by visiting us and our son before and after the bris, by patiently explaining us the aftercare instructions, and by being available to us for any questions by phone or text. We are so happy with our decision to include Rabbi Lawrence in this momentous occasion in our son’s life!

-Greg M. Manhattan NY


We are so grateful we chose Rabbi Lawrence as the Mohel for our son. Rabbi Lawrence led a beautiful Bris that honored Jewish traditions and which we will always remember. Rabbi Lawrence was attentive to our needs and questions and diligently followed up with us after the ceremony. I highly recommend Rabbi Lawrence.

-Marissa E. Stamford CT

Marissa and Artem.jpg

Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence is a talented, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable mohel. From the initial phone conversation through the aftercare/healing process, he demonstrated professionalism, passion for his work, and deep insight. As first-time parents, we had many questions, and he patiently answered them (sometimes, a few times, when we needed reassurance!). His facilitation of the ceremony itself was accessible to our non-observant relatives, and deeply meaningful for us as Orthodox Jews. Rabbi Lawrence's soothing voice and calming demeanor positively impacted us and our baby. It was clear that safety and comfort were Rabbi Lawrence's top priorities, and all parts of the circumcision were performed with sterile technique. The circumcision itself was quick, and our baby barely cried. We appreciated how clear and thorough Rabbi Lawrence's aftercare instructions were, as well as his vigilance with regard to monitoring the healing process. We highly recommend him. Thank you so much!

-Leana T, UWS NY

Sandy and Leana.jpg

Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence was great! We wholeheartedly recommend him as a mohel. The way he officiated the bris was thoughtful, meaningful and sensitive. His surgical work was commended by our pediatrician and his thorough after care instructions and responsiveness to questions made us feel at ease throughout.

-Michael E. Flatbush NY

Michael E.jpeg

Thank you for the positive experience. The rabbi was was very professional and caring. He was there to answer any questions on after care.

Shlomi Fatal, East Brunswick NJ


Rabbi Eliezer perform the Brith on our son in the most professional and caring way possible. We are very happy from Rabbi Eliezer and we strongly recommend him. He is a professional and also very gentle and explaining every step, making you feel safe and that you are with good hands. Thank you Rabbi for being there with us in our special day!

-Rabbi Mikey S, UWS NY

Mikey Stein.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was an EXCELLENT mohel! Exactly what we were looking for. The bris was during Covid, and Rabbi Lawrence expertly balanced our family needs and what we wanted for the bris, while also making sure to keep everyone safe. He helped to engage the few people we had in person, as well as all of those on zoom, framing the bris ceremony through word and song. He was gentle with our son, and reassuring to those who were nervous. He helped us prepare beforehand, gave us detailed aftercare instructions, and was always available when we had questions. I can't recommend him highly enough!

-Leon T, Manhattan NY

Gil and Leon.jpg

Rabbi Eliezer did an amazing job with our sons Brit Milah. I highly recommend him! His does a great service and easily walked us through aftercare instructions. He also has done several members of my family since and everyone has had a very positive experience.

-Shai S, Riverdale NY

Happy Couple 1.jpg

My wife and I were very lucky to have Rabbi Lawrence perform the bris on our son. Rabbi Lawrence took the utmost care in preparing our family for the circumcision, provided detailed safety and hygiene advice and instructions, and was always available for follow up questions. Rabbi Lawrence also went out of his way to accommodate our requests on location and working with our community Rabbi. During the bris itself, Rabbi Lawrence made the ceremony special for everyone in attendance through song and sharing the meaning of blessings. We highly recommend using Rabbi Lawrence as a Mohel.

Ariel C, UES Manhattan

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

Rabbi Lawrence performed the bris for our son during the COVID pandemic in 2020. We can attest to the quality and thoughtfulness of Rabbi Lawrence's care rooted in procedural safety protocols, COVID safety protocols, incorporation of song into ritual and a traditionally grounded religious outlook.

Following our initial outreach, Rabbi Lawrence was kind enough to block time on his calendar for a potential bris a month in advance of our anticipated due date. In the weeks leading up to the due date, Rabbi Lawrence speedily replied to our emails and exercised nothing but patience in response to all of our questions. On the day of bris, Rabbi Lawrence did the procedure for our son with care, administered a moving ritual service, and provided clear instructions for post-bris care.

Rabbi Lawrence devotes considerable thoughtfulness and attention to a post-procedural regimen that ensures a child's well-being. We took great comfort in Rabbi Lawrence's clear instructions, and Rabbi Lawrence FaceTimed and phoned us multiple times over the subsequent weeks to ensure recovery proceeded as expected.

Thanks to Rabbi Lawrence, our son had a safe bris, and we will carry the memories of a moving ritual service for a lifetime."

Joe L, Greenwich CT

new-days-post-covid-19_t20_drVv0l (1).jp

Rabbi Lawrence is the ultimate professional! Prior to the birth of our son, the Rabbi made us feel super comfortable and safe - answering ALL of our questions (especially given our concerns around COVID). During the bris the Rabbi did an amazing job and spoke beautifully to our Zoom attendees. Post bris, the Rabbi has made himself fully accessible to answer all our questions as our son continues to heal. Highly recommend!

-Jacob G, Manhattan


"Wonderful, and he can sing too!"

-Jessica G, Monticello NY

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

"We are all very pleased with the service Rabbi Lawrence provided for us and our son Jacob. He was very gentle and caring and took his time with Jacob and made us all feel very comfortable we highly would recommend his services and appreciate everything he has done."

Judah I, UWS Manhattan

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

"Rabbi Lawrence helped me think through every aspect of the ceremony for our twins. We had a bris and a separate ceremony (zeved ha-bat) for our daughter. It was very moving despite the limitations of zoom.

His follow up about the bris in the weeks that followed was comforting in the extreme. Can’t recommend highly enough."

Jenday W, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

"Had Bris during covid at the GP Shul and was extremely happy with Rabbi Lawrence's sterile technique and thorough follow up. He was also very responsive with our questions and concerns. The ceremony itself was very special as his gentle spirit enhanced the experience. I would recommend Rabbi Lawrence without hesitation or reservation."

Danielle M, Bronx NY


Rabbi Lawrence performed my twins Brit Milah about two weeks ago, he was very warm and sincere. He came by our house to check both babies, arrived at the location of the Brit to set up before we arrived, stayed with the babies after the ceremony to ensure they were good unlike some mohels that leave immediately after and then came to our house again the day after to check the boys again. He is very professional and sweet and I like that he did everything very sterile and clean. He was very helpful to me via text and phone calls for the first few days after to answer all my crazy worried mother concerns and made me feel extremely comfortable and calm about the healing process. He even called me a few days ago to check up on my boys which I thought was very thoughtful of him. I would recommend him 100% to anyone looking for a nurturing caring mohel. Thank you again rabbi Lawrence

Brian D. Brooklyn, NY


My wife and I were looking for a mohel who would be professional and safety-conscious and could also imbue the bris with an atmosphere of spirituality and community. We couldn’t have found a more perfect mohel than Rabbi Lawrence. Not only did he meet all of our needs and expectations, but he also showed remarkable poise under the pressure of an unexpected time delay, adding beautiful singing and helpful explanations for our guests while we waited. He provided exceptional care by visiting us and our son before and after the bris, by patiently explaining us the aftercare instructions, and by being available to us for any questions by phone or text. We are so happy with our decision to include Rabbi Lawrence in this momentous occasion in our son’s life!

-Eric O. Westchester NY

Eric Oppenheimer.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was great! We got a recommendation to use him from our local Rabbi.
Rabbi Lawrence was thorough with his intake, and instructions so that this was a successful procedure, and followed up not only after it was finished, but also a couple of months after to make sure that everything was ok. He made the event seem like he had been planning it for weeks, and he customized it to our families preferences.

We are grateful for Rabbi Lawrence and enthusiastically recommend him.

-Benjamin W. Harlem NY

Benjamin Weitz.jpg

I have only positive things to say about Rabbi Lawrence. He performed a very meaningful brit milah for our son, and he made each guest feel included and part of the ceremony, regardless of religious background. As this is our first kid we were very nervous, both about the procedure itself and the aftercare. Rabbi Lawrence was really understanding in this regard made himself very available to answer questions regarding aftercare and to check in with us and on our son frequently, way beyond what we expected. I would strongly recommend using Rabbi Lawrence for a brit milah.

-Michael I. Queens NY

Mohel in Queens

Rabbi Lawrence performed our son’s bris with professionalism, courtesy, and gracefulness. As new parents we were a bit nervous however, he is very personable and open-minded, and is always eager to help and answer questions. He provides clear aftercare instructions and even follows up with you immediately after the ceremony. A truly outstanding Mohel! I highly recommend him!

-Shimon S. Upper West Side NY

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 1.32.25 PM.png

Rabbi Eliezer is a professional, thoughtful, and careful Mohel. He gave us all the essential guidance, led the ceremony with grace, stayed after to make sure we know how to treat the baby, and kept supporting us thereafter via the phone. We highly recommend on him!

-Daniel B. Marlboro NJ

Daniel Bivas.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was exactly what I was looking for in a mohel. Professional, respectful and accepting of unique circumstances, flexible and communicative throughout the whole process. He also does accurate and good quality work (without too much detail here…) which is obviously of primary concern during a Bris. I would use his services again if needed both as a kind human being, a professional and as a talented mohel.

-Maayan L. White Plains NY

Mohel Westchester

Rabbi Eliezer is the best! He was patient, explained all the details of the ceremony and aftercare for our little guy. He conducted the ceremony beautifully, in a way that felt true to our family. He also checked in and made sure our baby was healing. I highly recommend Rabbi Eliezer!

-Effie N. New Orleans LA

Effie Naghi.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence knows his craft. His confidence in what he does made us confident in trusting him. Highly recommended.

-Sarah W. Washington Heights NY

Mohel Manhattan

We loved working with Rabbi Lawrence. Not only was he professional, pleasant, and very knowledgeable and competent, but he made the procedure deeply meaningful for a small gathering of two scared parents and grandparents across the religious spectrum.

-Jeff S, Flatbush Brooklyn

Jeff Sobel 2.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was a pleasure to work with and I'm really glad to have connected with him. I found him to be patient and readily accessible to answer questions/concerns leading up to the bris and in follow up. If you're reading the positive reviews here and visited his website, they're definitely accurate. One can see he is fully invested in being accommodating and making things a success. The bris itself was expertly done and healed great! Rabbi Lawrence ensured that our son had a safe and meaningful bris ceremony. I highly recommend Rabbi Lawrence to anyone looking for a skilled, halachic Mohel that will also be kind and compassionate to all!

-Jonathan R. Monroe NY

Jonathan Ramin and Danielle Punim.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was very professional and did a wonderful job with our baby boy’s ceremony. Not only was the prayer service well done, he accommodated many if not all of our requests and accommodations for the day. More importantly, he kept us calm when we were very nervous and anxious about the whole process on the day of and kept in touch afterwards for all post circumcision needs. We recommend him highly.

-Emily W. Livingston NJ

Emily and Jon WInter.jpg

My husband and I could not have been happier with our son’s Brit Milah with Rabbi Lawrence. Not only was the ceremony done so beautifully and professionally but he was so easy to talk to and answered all of our worries and questions leading up to the day. His calm and easy going demeanor definitely helped us feel at ease during an otherwise stressful day. We were very impressed with how thorough he was and how detailed he was in his after care instructions and I would highly recommend him to any friend that asked!

-David M. Jersey City NJ

David and Daniella Marx.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence helped my family craft a deeply meaningful and relevant ceremony that was both steeped in tradition and in step with our progressive Jewish values. He was attentive and sensitive throughout and continued to follow up regularly after the ceremony and bris to ensure our son recovered well. Wherever you fall out on the religious spectrum, Rabbi Lawrence will work with you to create a ceremony that is personal and encompasses who you are as a family. P.S. Our son’s pediatrician was very impressed by Rabbi Lawrence’s skill.

-Shelly G. Cliffside Park NJ

Shelly Lander.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was absolutely outstanding! He is so incredibly passionate about what he does and about making the Bris meaningful and rememberable. To be honest, both my husband and I were very nervous about the procedure, as this was our first, but, Rabbi Lawrence put us at ease and made us feel totally comfortable and calm every step of the way. He made himself available to us leading up to the Bris, any time of day, and always answered all of our questions in a timely manner. He is compassionate and lovely to work with from start to finish. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful, and he took his time educating us on care, afterwards. He even had us check in with him for several days following the Bris to ensure that we were all doing well. Most importantly, he did a beautiful job with the circumcision - even our pediatrician commented on how excellent of a job he did. We couldn’t have made a better decision - thank you Rabbi Lawrence!

-Jessica P. Westchester NY

Jessica P Bris.jpg

When we were introduced to Rabbi Lawrence and spoke with him over the phone we immediately knew he was the Mohel for us. Our Covid conscience ceremony exceeded our expectations. Rabbi Lawrence is very organized and thorough from beginning to end and onward. He has an incredible voice and made everyone feel at ease with traditional songs after the circumcision was performed. His after care instructions made this FTM feel confident and his phone calls and texts let us know he truly cares. Thank you for being a part of the most important moment in our sons life. We highly recommend Rabbi Lawrence .

-Jonathan T. Far Rockaway LI

Jonathan Tambor.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was amazing. He's very detailed and thorough. We loved working with him and can't recommend him enough.

-Dovas Z, Brooklyn NY


We are really happy we picked Rabbi Lawrence as our mohel! He was very friendly and professional throughout the experience. Everything went smoothly and he had a beautiful singing voice that was calming us as well as our child. A cherry on the top was him speaking to my dad in Jiddish over Zoom. Highly recommend!

Avigail D, Brooklyn NY

Avigail D..jpg

Rabbi Lawrence was incredible as the Mohel for the bris of our son. He was caring, thoughtful and extremely thorough in his approach. He had several phone calls with us to walk us through everything about the process and ensure we had the comfort level we needed. He also made sure to get to know us in advance of the ceremony and incorporate our individual requests and character into the service itself. He is someone we would recommend to anyone.

Laura O, Weston CT

Laura Occonor.JPEG

We found Rabbi Lawrence because we were looking for a more personalized and spiritual experience for our son. I wanted to be able to be present for the procedure so I could be there to sooth him immediately after. Even though we are not Jewish, I sought out a qualified Rabbi for a home visit because I believe in the Jewish tradition’s wisdom of performing the bris on the 8th day. I was struck by the excellent caliber of reviews that Rabbi Lawrence had received from parents — specifically that several of them mentioned their pediatricians commending his skill level. I'm happy to share for nervous parents out there that our pediatrician made the exact same observation of his superior skill level! The entire process went smoothly and our little guy barely cried during the procedure itself. I was able to hold him right after and he stopped crying right away. Rabbi Lawrence walked us through aftercare and made it clear we could always reach out for any concerns or questions. Our doctor said his aftercare instructions were exceptional. He healed amazingly and I am SO pleased with the results. I wish every parent and child could have the same skillful and supportive experience. Rabbi Lawrence is amazing!!!

-Liza L, Bronx NY

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

Rabbi Lawrence did a wonderful job at our son's bris and we would highly recommend him to other parents. We held the bris via Zoom, and he was able to make it a warm and inviting event for everyone. (He also followed all Covid-related precautions.) The circumcision itself was done with skill and Rabbi Lawrence gave clear after care instructions and was available for any questions we had.

Fran S, Brooklyn NY

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

"Fantastic! I am so happy I found Rabbi Lawrence. We were very pleased with the service he provided for us and our son. He made us feel comfortable and well informed before, during, and after. He was gentle and showed true skill! As a first time mom I had a lot of questions and concerns. Rabbi Lawrence was always available to answer any of my questions and with his experience and naturally calm demeanor, my worries went away. We absolutely recommend him to other parents. Thank you, Rabbi!"

Danielle G, UWS Manhattan

Mohel Bris NYC NY NJ

"Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence is an exceptional mohel! Because our son's bris took place during COVID-19, we wanted to be sure that we were doing everything we could to keep ourselves and our newborn safe and healthy. Rabbi Lawrence took the time to speak with us at length prior to the bris, and he made it very clear that both our and his own health and safety were of great importance to him. When the day of the actual bris came, we felt extremely safe and comfortable with Rabbi Lawrence being in our apartment and performing our son's bris.

Not only did Rabbi Lawrence perform our son's bris, he did so with great care and passion. His singing voice is beautiful and his words were beautiful. In terms of technique, Rabbi Lawrence is careful and incredibly thorough. After the bris, he made sure to teach my husband and me how to care for our son so that he healed properly (which he did!).

Thank you, Rabbi Lawrence! If you are looking for a mohel to perform your son's bris, we cannot recommend Rabbi Lawrence enough!"

Arielle K, New York NY

PHOTO-2020-10-08-13-05-09 2.jpg

Rabbi Lawrence is the ultimate professional! Prior to the birth of our son, the Rabbi made us feel super comfortable and safe - answering ALL of our questions (especially given our concerns around COVID). During the bris the Rabbi did an amazing job and spoke beautifully to our Zoom attendees. Post bris, the Rabbi has made himself fully accessible to answer all our questions as our son continues to heal. Highly recommend!

Liz S, Riverdale Bronx


Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence was a fantastic mohel. He made us feel comfortable and safe, both in terms of the bris and in terms of the precautions he made sure to take during this pandemic. We knew our son was in great hands and Rabbi Lawrence's instructions and support during aftercare were very helpful and he was there for all our post-bris, sleep-deprived questions. He was awesome.

-Jeremy B, Riverdale NY


Rabbi Lawrence was a pleasure to work with! He led the service in a very heartfelt way, showing great care to our baby and family. He was incredible with follow-up instructions as well as answering all our questions, post-bris. We'd strongly recommend using him as he made the day special and the weeks after stress-free.

Mark A, New York, NY


My wife and I wanted to have a small gathering at our apartment and Rabbi Lawrence was perfect. He came to meet with us in person and meet our baby before the actual bris. He was nice, friendly, down to earth, and great about communication.

The bris itself was wonderful and meaningful. He ran a great ceremony and was very considerate of special requests we had for our family. Aside from the ceremony, the circumcision itself was fast and skillfully done. Rabbi Lawrence's expertise as a mohel was apparent.

Even after the ceremony, he remained involved to make sure our son was healing well. Furthermore, he offered his resources in the city to help us get connected to a Jewish community by providing personal recommendations, encouraging us to contact him anytime.

We would highly recommend Rabbi Lawrence if you're looking for a mohel.

Jessie P. New York, NY


We feel so blessed to have found Rabbi Lawrence to act as moyel for our son’s bris...on a yontiv! From our first conversation we felt that we were in good hands and nothing changed that good opinion. He came by our home a few days prior to the bris for a quick visit to check in on our newborn and also did a follow up a few days later. It was really nice to be able to meet him prior to the stressful day of our ceremony and helped put us more at ease. He was accepting of our wishes and worked with our rabbi to perform a beautiful ritual service. Rabbi Lawrence’s warm demeanor and guidance as well as obvious skill in the procedure itself were clear and our son is doing great! We can’t recommend him more highly!

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