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Top 10 Hebrew Names for Boys 2023

Discover the top 10 trending Hebrew names for boys in 2023. From timeless classics to modern favorites, these names carry deep cultural significance and hold a special place in the hearts of parents worldwide.

1) Asher: Meaning "blessed" or "fortunate," representing one of the twelve tribes.

2) Doron: Meaning "gift." Made popular by the Netflix© series "Fauda"

3) Ezra: Leader of the Jewish people's return from exile and rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

4) Gedaliah: Name meaning "God is great," associated with a tragic leader of the Jewish people.

5) Levi: Name meaning "one who accompanies or attends," associated with the tribe of Levi.

6) Micha: Name meaning "Who is like God?," associated with one of the twelve Minor Prophets.

7) Noam: Name meaning "pleasant."

8) Oren: Name meaning "pine," appearing as a tree name and proper name in the Bible.

9) Shabtai: Name related to "Shabbat," associated with a Levite.

10) Tamir: Name meaning "tall, upright," related to the word for date palm.

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