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A skilled and compassionate practitioner; a masterful and talented officiant who is committed to making your celebration spiritual, meaningful and personal.

Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence C.M.

Serving the NY, NJ and CT Region

#1 in Safety

Your Family's health is my top priority.
In strict and continued consultation with Medical and Rabbinic authorities, Rabbi Lawrence ensures the highest standards of precaution to help keep you and your family safe.

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted for your family's safety.

The Doctors' Choice

"He ran a great ceremony and was very considerate of special requests we had for our family... the circumcision itself was fast and skillfully done. Rabbi Lawrence's expertise as a mohel was apparent."

-Dr. Mark Abrams M.D., NYC 

Parents Trust Him

“Rabbi Lawrence’s warm demeanor and guidance as well as obvious skill in the procedure itself were clear and our son is doing great! We can’t recommend him more highly! 

-Jessie P, NYC

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Louis G. |  Brooklyn, NY

"I can't over emphasize how courteous, sensitive, and professional R' Lawrence is not only with the milah, but with crafting the ceremony that's right for each family... Our pediatrician later remarked after examining our son that his circumcision was one of the best she's ever seen."

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Talya G. | Westchester, NY

"His calm and confident demeanor, and his gentleness with our son, allowed me to enjoy the milestone without being overly stressed and anxious. I would very confidently recommend Rabbi Lawrence to anyone in our area looking for a great mohel"

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Netanel P. | Manhattan, NY

"My wife and I were looking for a mohel who would be professional and safety conscious and could also imbue the bris with an atmosphere of spirituality and community. We couldn’t have found a more perfect mohel than Rabbi Lawrence."

Rabbi Lawrence in the Press

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Proudly serving the entirety of the Jewish people


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