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The Baby Girl Naming Ceremony

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The Meaning

The Zeved HaBat (or Simchat Bat) literally means "The Joy of a Daughter" is a welcoming ceremony for Jewish baby girls dating back hundreds of years spanning Jewish communities across the world.

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The Liturgy

Parallel with and yet distinct from the bris, the zeved habat ceremony incorporates singing, poetry, biblical passages on themes of love, womanhood, and gratitude, and blessings.

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Protective Attire

All unvaccinated attendees are required to wear a mask for the duration of the ceremony.

The Mohel will be properly masked and gloved both during the procedure and the ceremony.

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21st Century Bris

Like many gatherings in this age, in addition to in person guests, you are welcome and encouraged to invite as many people as you'd like to the ceremony via video conference platforms.


Rabbi Lawrence in the Press

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