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Community Based

Community Kosher was founded on the principle that Kosher Food should and can be widely available to Kosher consumers. We believe that strong community-based partnerships with food providers that share our vision of accessibility and food sustainability, built on trust, can change the Kosher world for the better. All of our restaurants are vegan.

Strictly Kosher

Strict adherence to the Laws of Kashrut  are at the center of of our certification. Anyone who eats any of the food we certify should feel confident that all ingredients, procedures and preparations are in compliance with halakha, Jewish Law.

For more information about our kashrut procedures. Please see our FAQs. 

Environmentally Conscious

While Kashrut certainly permits the consumption of meat, we connect with the teachings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook and believe in the spiritual and environmental benefits of meat reduction. As a result, we only certify vegan and vegetarian restaurants which is good for you and good for the planet.

Kashrut Questions?

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Get Certified Kosher

With the NYC Metropolitan Area's 200,000+population of Kosher keepers, you can open your restaurant and business to a an entirely new market, making your food available and welcoming to a clientele already limited by restaurant choice.


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Certifiying Rabbi

Rabbi Eliezer Lawrence, the Rav HaMachshir (certifying Rabbi) is an Orthodox Rabbi, Torah Educator and former fellow of JIFA, the Jewish Initiative for Animals, which promotes compassion for animals and responsible food choices within the Jewish community

In addition to his work in Kashrus, he also serves the community as a certified mohel.